Enhancing Capacity of Developing Country Parties for NDC Implementation


  • APIK Indonesia Network Members
  • Policy Makers
  • Academia
  • Business Community
  • NGOs
  • Interested Public

About the Event

Enhancing capacity to face climate change is the main issue of global climate action, especially when there are considerable gaps and needs for NDC implementation in developing country parties. To this end, the Indonesia Expert Network for Climate Change and Forestry (APIK Indonesia Network) presents an international conference dedicated to enhancing the capacity of the developing country Parties through addressing climate finance and climate policy issues especially in the Asia Pacific region, and also leveraging Non-State actor’s role on NDC implementation. The conference provides a forum to share ideas and lessons learned among policymakers, the business community, organizations, and researchers from around the world, particularly from Asia-Pacific countries, on recent developments in various aspects of climate finance, climate policy, and non-state actors’ roles, with the following guests:

  • First Minister of Environment, Republic of Indonesia – University of Indonesia, Prof. Emil Sallm
  • Chief Executive Officer of Tropical Landscape Finance Facility, MPPGA, Mr. Bryan Taylor
  • Advisor of APIK Indonesia Network, National Focal Point of Indonesia for UNFCCC, Dr. Nur Masripatin
  • Chairman of APIK Indonesia Network, Member of Paris Committee on Capacity Building, Dr. Mahawan Karuniasa
  • Researcher, Curtin University Australia, Dr. Thor Kerr
  • Director-General of Climate Change Control. Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Dr. Ruandha Agung Sugadirman
Organizing Partners